Common injuries and preventative measures

Whether you are competing professionally or for recreational purposes, it's important to know how to take care of your body when the unavoidable happens. Our Brace Advisor provides expert advice on injuries specifically targeting a body part. Better Braces provides only the highest quality support products for both preventative as well as post-injury recovery. Get back to what you love doing the most with peace of mind that your body is being supported.

Some of the most common sporting injuries include sprained ankles, tendonitis, strained muscles and Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) tears. It's important to note that common injuries over time can lead to more serious injuries. Such injuries as ACL tears which can require up to a year of rehabilitation and resting. Please seek professional advice so they identify the true cause of your pain and will point you to the right braces and supports. Our Brace Advisor can help you identify the right brace or support for you so that you can be at your 100%.

Prevention is better than cure. Reduce the risk of injury by wearing the appropriate braces and supportive gear during sports. If you are already suffering from an injury then then braces can help you function in your everyday life. Better Braces has a wide range of products to suit your body because everybody is different.

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