What is Tendinopathy?

Tendinopathy is a stress or overuse injury that causes degeneration in the tendon over time. The term tendinopathy refers to tendon injuries that occur in the tendon without inflammation. Injuries such as Golfer’s Elbow and Tennis Elbow are classified as under tendinopathy.

It is important to note the difference between tendinopathy and tendonitis as both injuries may similarly be confused. The main difference between each injury is the treatment process differs in method and recovery period. Tendonitis is commonly caused by inflammation and irritation to the tendon whereas tendinopathy is a result of overuse and stress to the tendons over time. You can relieve the stress to your elbow by providing it with support, for example using an elbow brace (link to ‘elbow brace’ page). Investing in a brace will allow you to continue to enjoy your sport without post session pains.

What causes Tendinopathy?

Tendinopathy is a condition that results in the deterioration of the tendon through overuse over a period of time.

Pain that develops in the tendons can be the result of many issues but usually sport related, such as:


  • Excessive trauma or stress this can be from sport or excessive physical activities
  • Incorrect technique or form
  • Lack of muscle and joint stability
  • Limited range of motion in joints
  • Lack of rest and recovery time


Symptoms of Tendinopathy:

The symptoms found with tendinopathy are similar to the symptoms found with tendonitis. If you are unsure which condition may be affecting you, please consult your local doctor or physiotherapist. They will help you identify your injury and how to properly treat it.

Common symptoms include:


  • Aching pain in the joints
  • Pain when stretching the tendon
  • Tenderness and moderate swelling may be felt



Tendinopathy is a long-term injury that requires rehabilitation and recovery over a longer period of time. Treatment for tendinopathy requires strengthening of the tendon through rest and physiotherapy exercises. To ensure that you are treating your tendinopathy correctly, you should consult with a professional to strengthen the correct muscles.

Along with exercise, support like splints, braces and supports can be used to alleviate stress to the tendon. Use our Brace Advisor to see the full range of support that is available. To ensure you recover faster all of our products have fast delivery and a price match guarantee so that you can recover with peace of mind that you are getting the best support.

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