Ligament Tear

Defining a Ligament Injury

A ligament is a tough fibrous cord that attaches your bones together. The ligament is responsible for restricting and allowing movement in certain direction for joints such as the elbow and knees. A ligament injury occurs when the ligament becomes damaged, irritated or inflamed.

The most common type of ligament injury is a tear. Ligament tears occur when too much force or pressure is applied on the ligament cause a tear. Stress and traumatic impact happens in high impact sports that require strenuous running and/or jumping. Ligament tears are common and can occur in any joint in the body, the most common joints for injury are the elbows and knees. These joints absorb most of the shock when the body performs high repetitious movements.

When you are experiencing a ligament tear, you should visit a medical practitioner to receive adequate aid. If you are looking for a brace (insert link for “ligament” page) for rehabilitations then Better Braces has a wide range for you to browse.

Ligament tears are graded into three separate grades:

  • Grade I: a light to mild tear
  • Grade II: a moderate tear
  • Grade III: a complete tear or rupture of the ligament

What causes a Ligament Injury?

Ligament injuries occur for many reasons. They can be the result of continuous high traumatic stress to the ligament, or deterioration to the ligament over time. Overall, the most significant contributor to ligament injuries is excessive high impact training and lack of rest/recovery time which normally occurs in sport.

Common accidents include:

  • Awkward landings
  • Sharp and quick change in direction
  • Blunt force directly on the joint – e.g. a knee clash in contact sports
  • Sudden changes in surfaces – uneven surfaces

These accidents usually happen suddenly or at speed, creating significant pressure stretching or pulling the ligament. Some examples include:

Treatments and symptoms of ligament injuries:

Symptoms of ligament injuries will vary depending on the severity. The most common symptoms include: inflammation of the tendon, pain when moving/touching the affected area, joint instability, and swelling.

Treating ligament injuries is not always as simple as using the RICE method. Cryotherapy will help reduce inflammation and pain in the affected area. Recovery and development for a ligament injury that is recurring may require physiotherapy to strengthen the ligament and regain stability in the joint. To get you back to your regular self, it is recommended to use support like a brace. You can be confident that you are getting the best product with our 30 day money back and price match guarantee.

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