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Sports Knee Braces & Supports for Knee Injuries

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  1. DonJoy Tru-Pull Lite
    Tru-Pull Lite for mild to moderate patellar dislocation
    $126.90 each
    The Empi Phoenix multifunctional electrical stimulation device is designed to simplify rehabilitation for all aspects of the recovery cycle.
    $399.00 each
  3. DonJoy Tru-Pull Advanced System
    Places dynamic pull on patella during knee extension to normalize tracking
    $192.40 each
  1. Empi Phoenix Int Garment Kit
    The Empi Phoenix Conductive Garment: Easy, accurate and effective application
    $99.00 each
  2. Staff

    DonJoy Reaction Knee Brace

    DonJoy Reaction Knee Brace
    Reduces pain caused by patellofemoral instabilities by dispersing energy across the knee.
    $99.99 each
  3. ProCare Reddie Hinged Knee Brace
    1/8" neoprene wraparound configuration and strap tabs provide ease of application.
    $115.95 each
  1. DonJoy Fortilax Elastic Knee
    Proprioceptive & neuromuscular stimulation through compression

    Regular Price: $41.95 each

    Special Price: $31.20 each

  2. ProCare KneeRANGER - Lite
    Economical, lightweight, universal leg brace for warmer climates.
    $99.00 each
  3. DonJoy OAdjuster Osteoarthritis Knee Brace
    Provides the ability to control the desired amount of load as needed.
    $1,210.00 each
  1. Watch

    DonJoy Armor Fourcepoint

    DonJoy Armor FourcePoint Protective Knee Brace
    DonJoy Armor Knee Brace with the new FourcePoint Hinge - Great knee ligament protection.
    $1,109.00 each
  2. ProCare Super Knee Splint
    Comfortable, sturdy, foam/mesh construction with alternating web straps
    $58.30 each
  3. DonJoy Tru-Pull Wraparound
    Bracing solution for patellar subluxation, dislocation, malalignment and instabilities
    $106.00 each
  1. DonJoy Legend Knee Brace
    Provides improved support and full protection to your knees while playing any contact sport.
    $830.00 each
  2. DonJoy Performer Patella Knee Support
    For mild ligament sprains, strains, Osgood Schlatter or patellar instabilities
    $58.30 each
  3. ProCare Clinic 3 Panel Knee Splint
    Three-piece design for ease of adjustment and correct size adjustment.
    $82.90 each
  1. DonJoy Rotulax Elastic Knee
    Provides Support for Patients with Hyperlax Patella

    Regular Price: $32.45 each

    Special Price: $24.95 each

  2. DonJoy TROM Advance Knee Brace
    Improved design takes post-operative bracing to the next level
    $500.00 each
  3. DonJoy TROM Adjuster Knee Brace
    The first post-op brace to offer off-loading
    $541.20 each
  1. DonJoy Telescoping Cool IROM - Universal
    For warmer climates, the Cool IROM provides immobilization and precise range-of-motion control
    $454.40 each
  2. DonJoy Lateral J Patella Knee Brace
    Ideal for lateral patellar subluxation, dislocations or improper patellar tracking
    $109.95 each
  3. DonJoy 4Titude Knee Brace

    Get your knees completely protected with this ultimate brace.

    $900.00 each
  1. DonJoy OA Lite Osteoarthritis Knee Brace
    The OA Lite is a customizable sleeve-style wrap for mild osteoarthritis.
    $296.40 each
  2. DonJoy SERF Strap
    A revolutionary approach to the treatment of patellofemoral pain.
    $105.00 each
  3. DonJoy Performer Hinged Patella Knee Brace - Neoprene
    For mild ligament sprains, strains, Osgood Schlatter or patellar instabilities
    $72.90 each
  1. DonJoy Drytex Adjustable Patella Donut
    Unique nylon core and polyester lycra fabric that allows for improved airflow
    $114.40 each
  2. DonJoy Playmaker Knee Brace
    Suitable for mild to moderate hyperextension, ACL, MCL, PCL, and LCL instabilities
    $394.70 each
  3. DonJoy Telescoping Cool TROM
    The DonJoy Telescoping Cool TROM or Total Range of Motion Post-Op hinge, is an innovative, easy-to-use brace that can adjust the range of motion with the click of a button.
    $459.99 each
  1. DonJoy Strapping Elastic Knee
    Protective and prophylactic use for sports activities

    Regular Price: $59.75 each

    Special Price: $45.95 each

  2. DonJoy Aligua Elastic Hinged Knee
    Support after mild medial and lateral ligament injury or meniscal injury
    $52.00 each
  3. DonJoy Telescoping TROM
    Offers state-of-the art range-of-motion control and locking capabilities
    $519.80 each
  1. ProCare 3 Panel Knee Splint
    Universal size, 3-piece nylon/fiber laminate construction provides post-operative knee support and immobilization.
    $37.40 each
31 Item(s)
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Knee Braces
Our knees are susceptible to injuries because they support the entire weight of our bodies. Over time, the structures of the knee may wear down or they can be injured during activity, leading to knee pain and discomfort. Wearing the correct knee brace for your injury is important to ensure that your knee gets the proper support. Some knee braces are ideal for preventing knee injuries, some are good for daily wear, other knee braces are great for sports, and some are designed for a specific injury or condition. There are also knee immobilizers and knee pads that are used to protect the knee. If you need help choosing the right knee brace you can always contact our support team to connect with one of our braces coaches. Check out our wide selection of knee braces: