Skiing Braces and Supports

Prepare yourself as you head into the ski season by taking the precaution to protect your body. Common ski injuries include knee sprains, fractured or sprained wrists, strained back, shoulder dislocations and more. Often times, skiiers can prevent injury by wearing a brace or support while they ski. Bracing helps provide the added support for weak or unstable ligaments as well as provide reinforcement for commonly injured pats of the body. Our bracing experts recommend the following braces for skiers looking to hit the slopes.

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  • Aircast

    A2 Wrist Brace


    The A2 controls wrist movement while allowing full finger dexterity

    Read More
  • Recognized as the best ligament knee brace available. Top-of-line protection that is custom fit for your leg. Ideal for athletes looking to prevent a knee ligament injury or re-injury to surgically repaired ligaments. Read More
  • Stabilizes sprains, strains and support for symptoms of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Read More
  • DonJoy

    Playmaker II Knee Brace

    New Improved Playmaker! Immeasurable comfort. Ideal for mild to moderate ACL, MCL and LCL instabilities Read More
  • ProCare

    CTS Wrist Support

    Contoured cotton/elastic construction provides comfortable compression for proper support following mild sprains, strains and cast removal. Read More
  • DonJoy Performance

    Webtech Knee Brace

    Silicone web, a shock absorber is the answer for pain Read More
  • DonJoy Performance

    Trizone Knee Support Brace

    Combining bracing and compression into one low-profile sleeve Read More

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