Neck Strain Braces and Supports

Neck sprains refer to a ligament sprain or muscle strain in the neck. They are most typically associated with the whiplash injury (common in a car accident) but also occur frequently during sports. They are the result of a fall, impact or contact with another person, object or surface. Those suffering from a neck sprain may find relief in cold therapy or by wearing a neck brace for support and stabilization.

We recommend the following products for those suffering from neck sprain.

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  • ProCare

    Form Fit Cervical Collar

    Cervical collar to restrict cervical spine flexion, extension and rotation Read More
  • DonJoy

    Cervical Collar

    Immobilizes neck for improved rehabilitation Read More

    Gravity - Blue

    GRAVITY works equally well for prevention as recovery. The aim is simple – to maximise your pain-free physical freedom, whether you’re getting over injury or event training. Read More

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