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Infrapatellar Band - Black - Universal


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Focused pressure on the patellar tendon provides superior relief.

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The Aircast Infrapatellar Band is designed to relieve symptoms of patellofemoral pain and Osgood-Schlatter disease. Worn below the patella, an aircell focuses compression on the patellar tendon and its area of insertion.

Key Benefits:

  • Design similar to the Aircast Pneumatic Armband. Tests show 50% more compression under the aircell than with a conventional band - more support with less constriction.
  • Comfortable. Padded, foam-lined band diffuses pressure on the poples.
  • One Size Fits All


  • The symptoms of patellalgia
  • "Jumper's Knee"
  • Osgood-Schlatter's disease

Product Dimensions

10"-17" (25-43 cm)

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Size Chart & Fit Help
Description Circumference
Infrapatellar Band (black) 10"-17" (25-43 cm)
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Aircast Infrapatellar Band - Black - Universal

Product Questions

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  • Angela at 31/12/2013 5:02 pm
    • My 13 yr old daughter is a competitive swimmer who has been suffering from anterior knee pain for some months. It prevents her from kicking in training due to pain. We have seen a Physio who has given her exercises to perform. The problem seems to be the patella not tracking correctly, common in adolescent girls. Will any of your products assist in elevating the pain so that she can train. Are they suitable for use in the pool?
    • Angela,
      For patellar tacking concerns you may want to consider the DonJoy Lateral J patella Knee Brace or the DonJoy Performer Patella Knee Support. These braces will help with the tracking of the patella as your daughter's knee goes into flexion and extension. The Patellar bands are designed primarily for Patellar Tendonitis.
      The neoprene braces are designed with the ability to get wet in the ocean or a pool. You want to be sure to rinse completely and hang dry.
  • Walter at 2/08/2013 10:40 am
    • I received the Aircast Infrapatellar Band Knee brace. I stepped on the bubble and it popped. Can I get a replacement bubble?
    • Hello Walter,

      0801 is the Part #. The Air Bubble is replaceable.

      Please call Customer Care to place your order.


      Thanks for Contacting Donjoy.
  • Ed Staff at 11/03/2011 1:01 pm
    • had two popliteus strains-not tears in same year. I know the difference. The knee on the inner side hurts a little when I move a special way-not all the time.

      What brace should I use to play tennis to stabilize and prevent lateral movement. Don't want a very restrictive one which limits movement as I am too slow already at age 55.
    • Hello Ed,
      Thank you for taking the time to email us here at regarding your knee injury and obtaining a brace to play tennis. We offer many knee braces for various conditions. We offer patellofemoral braces to support the knee cap, knee ligament braces to keep the actual knee joint stable, and general knee braces to provide compression and warmth to athletes while playing tennis. Please see your physician to determine which type of brace you need based on your injury/diagnosis and then we'd be happy to recommend a specific one for you. Thank you and have a nice day.
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Aircast Infrapatellar Band - Black - Universal

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