Compex Programs


For optimum muscle preparation immediately before competition.

  • Increased speed of contraction and power gain
  • Less nervous effort to attain maximum strength


For athletes who wish to improve their performance in long-duration sporting events.

  • Improved absorption of oxygen by the stimulated muscles
  • Improved performance for endurance sports


For competitive athletes who wish to increase their capacity to sustain intense and prolonged effort.

  • Improved lactic capacity of muscles
  • Improved performance for conscious resistance sports


For competitive athletes practicing a discipline that requires strength and speed.

  • Increased maximum strength
  • Increased rate of muscular contraction

Explosive Strength

For athletes practicing a discipline in which explosive strength is an important factor in performance.

  • Increases the speed at which the level of strength is attained
  • Improved efficiency of explosive actions (jumping, sprinting, etc.)

Active Recovery

To improve and accelerate the muscle recovery after an intensive exercise.
To be used during the first 3 hours after each session of intensive training or after a competition.

  • Marked increase in blood flow
  • Accelerates the elimination of waste from the muscular contraction
  • Relaxing effect

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