A stimulation lead wire consists of 2 electrodes:
- a positive electrode: red connection
- a negative electrode : black connection

The positive electrode must be fixed precisely on the motor point of the muscle (see photo). Find the best position by moving the positive electrode slightly. Always keep to the size of electrode shown in the photos: large and small. Unless you have other specific medical instruction, always follow the placement directions in the photos. The Compex Group disclaims all responsibility for electrodes positioned in any other manner.

Position yourself comfortably in the position shown in the pictogram. The muscle in worked on in an isometric fashion and in a stretched position, otherwise the contraction on shortened muscle will give cramp pains and serious stiffness after the session. So as to work comfortably and safely, you should keep your limbs in a still position (fix your hands and feet to one spot). In this way you provide maximum resistance to movement and you will stop the muscle from tightening during the contraction.

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