Electrode Fault

Figure 16

16a  This diagram shows that the device has detected an electrode fault on channel 3. This may mean that:

  1. there is no electrode connected to this channel;
  2. the electrodes are defective or old and the contact is poor: in this case, try using new electrodes;
  3. the electrode cable is defective: to chek it, try using another electrode cable.

Need for Recharging

Figure 17

17a  The small battery symbol flashes: The charge level of the batteries is getting low. Stop the training session and recharge the device.

17b  The charge level indicator (column) flashes as well: The charge level of the batteries is very low. It is essential at this point to recharge the device before it  stops working.

17c  The "START" symbol is no longer visible: The charge level of the batteries is completely empty. You cannot use the device any longer; recharge it immediately.

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