The electrical pulses generated by the "Compex Sport" are transmitted to the muscles through self-adhesive electrodes. The positioning of the electrodes is an essential factor in ensuring safe and effective training: Pay particular attention to electrode placement instructions (see booklet and CD-ROM showing the correct positions of the electrodes and the proper body positions). The "Compex Sport" has four electrode cables. Each electrode cable must be connected to the stimulator, using the sockets on the base of the device. For easier handling and channel recognition, you are advised to follow the colors of the cables and sockets (blue, green, yellow, red).

Figure 4 (Front View)                 4a

Sockets for the 4 electrode cables:
blue = channel 1
green = channel 2
yellow = channel 3
red = channel 4

Figure 4 (Rear View)                 5a

Socket for the battery charger.

Language, Contrast of the Display and Sound Volume Selection

Before using your "Compex® Sport", you can select the language of your unit, adjust the display contrast and the sound volume. To do so, press the "On/Off" switch, which is located on the left of your unit ((})), and hold it down for a few seconds to display the options screen.

Figure 6

6a  To select the language of your choice, press the "+"/"-" key of
      channel 1 as many times as necessary until the required
      language is displayed.

6b  To set the contrast of the display, press the "+"/"-" key of
      channel 3 ("+" to increase the preferred percentage and "-" to
      reduce it).

6c  To set the sound volume, press the "+"/"-" key of channel 4
      ("+" to increase the preferred percentage and "-" to reduce it).

6d  To confirm the selected parameters, press the "On/Off" switch.
      Your stimulator saves your options and switches itself off.

Switching on

To switch on your "Compex® Sport", briefly press the "On/Off" switch. A sound signal precedes a warning screen that we recommend you read. Bear in mind that this device is neither a toy nor a gadget. If in doubt, refer to the "Safety Guide" listed on pages 13-18 of this manual.

Figure 7

7a After reading the warning screen, press the "+"/"-"
key of channeU ("OK") to
start a stimulation session.

Selecting a Program

CAUTION: The choice of program is a decisive factor. See the "Indications for Use" Chapter of this handbook
(pages 19-24) and use the "Compex® Sport" CD-ROM to determine the most appropriate program for you.

Figure 8

8a  To select the desired program, press the "+"/"-" key (to go up or
      down) of channel 1.
8b  Press the "+"/"-" key of channel 4 to accept this program and to move to the next screen.

8c  "OFF" function: The "On/Off" switch is a multi-function key (cf. Chapter IX, section "Normalized Symbols" at the end of this manual).

Personalizing the Program

Before starting the session, you will have to personalize the program as follows:

Figure 9

9a  To stimulate the muscles of the lower limbs or of the upper limbs and the trunk, press the "+"/"-" key of channel 1.

9b  To select or deselect a warming-up sequence at the beginning of the session (yes, hot air rises above the heater; no, the heater remains cold), press the  "+"/"- " key of channel 2.

9c  Depending on the program, to select the level of muscle work, press the "+"/"-" key of channel 3.

9d  To return to preceding screen, press the "On/Off" switch.

9e  Total time of the program in minutes.

9f   To start the program, press the "+"/"-" key of channel 4 ("START").

During Operation

Figure 10

10a  The "Compex Sport" makes a "bleeping" sound and the "+" symbols of the 4 channels flash: when this occurs, you should increase the current intensity.

10b  To return to preceding screen, press the "On/Off" switch.

10c  Remaining time (in minutes and seconds) before the end of the session.

10d  Channels 1, 2, 3, 4 are set to 0 milliampere: this means that you have not yet adjusted the electric current levels.

Figure 11

11a  "Bleep" during the session: The operating current is a key element in the effectiveness of treatment. During a session, the stimulator automatically requests an increase in the current level by flashing the "+" and "bleeping". If you are not ready to progress further, this message may be disregarded.

11b  "STOP" function: You can interrupt the program at any time by pressing the "On/Off" switch ("STOP"). If you wish to restart the session, simply press one of the "+" keys. Caution: the program restarts at 80% of the currents set before the "STOP".

Figure 12

12a  End of session: At the end of a muscle training session, you will hear music and a small flag will be displayed. You may then turn off the device by pressing the "On/Off" switch ("OFF").

Recharging the "Compex® Sport"

The "Compex Sport" runs on a rechargeable battery. The discharge time depends on the programs used and the operating levels of the electric current. The battery should last at least 6 hours before requiring a recharge.

Figure 13

13a  Charge level indicator: This column shows the charge level of the batteries. It works like a gas gauge. When you reach "reserve", the small battery symbol flashes. Stop the training session and recharge your device. If the whole column flashes, it is essential to recharge the "Compex® Sport' immediately.

To recharge the "Compex® Sport", disconnect the cables and the electrodes, plug the charger into an electric socket and connect the device to the charger. Never use a charger different from the one provided with your "Compex® Sport?!

Figure 14

14a  The "Compex® Sport" has been charging for 32 minutes and 46 seconds. A full charge may take more than la/2 hours.

Figure 15

15a  When charging is completed, total charge duration (here, lh52) flashes. The "Compex Sport" switches off as soon as
you disconnect the charger.

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