Broken Ankle (Ankle fracture)


Sustaining an ordinary ankle injury is common in any sport or physical activity that requires moderate to high-impact movement. More serious ankle injuries such as a fracture or broken bone are less common and will incur more serious and immediate treatment.

The first step is to assess the injury; a broken ankle is the most severe injury that can be sustained as it means that the bone has sustained more force than it can support, resulting in a fracture. This normally also results in a torn ankle ligament or tendon. Better Braces provides all types of braces that range from mild injuries to trauma/post-operative procedures. To look at our Ankle Braces range click through here.

Causes of a Broken Ankle

There are a number of reasons an ankle can fracture, but the most common sport related injuries are:

  • Twisting or rolling the ankle beyond its normal range of motion
  • Unstable/uneven surfaces can cause sudden uneven weight distribution in the ankle
  • High impact or incorrect form when landing from a certain height
  • A heavy weight or object being dropped on the foot can cause a fracture while attempting to retract from a crushed foot

Symptoms of a Broken Ankle

A fractured bone injury results in severe amounts of pain, which requires immediate professional medical assistance. The injured person will experience:

  • Severe intense pain
  • Swelling, bruising, tenderness, redness in the ankle
  • Deformity (bone out of place)
  • Inability to place weight on ankle (walk or stand)

Treatments (DURING and AFTER)

If you have broken your ankle, we highly advised to not take any action to try and fix the bone without any professional help, the injury can be helped by applying the RICE method as soon as possible.

  • Rest the injury straight away, taking any weight or pressure off the injured foot.
  • Ice the ankle immediately to slow down inflammation and swelling
  • Compression of the ankle will also reduce inflammation and regulate blood flow to the area
  • Elevate the foot above the heart

After the initial injury, the doctor may prescribe pain relief medications, anti-inflammatories and an ankle brace.

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