Ankle Ligaments and Injury

The ankle ligaments hold such an important focus for up and down movement in the foot, it is common for sporting injuries to involve twisting or rolling the ankles in a direction not within its usual range of motion. Although the ligament provides strong support and stability for the foot, sustaining constant force and trauma in sports can weaken and even loosen ligament stability over time leading to injuries. Better Braces has a large range of ankle braces, click through here to see them.

What is a ligament?

A ligament is a thick cord made up of small fibres called collagen that connects bone to bone and is responsible for keeping the bones in place. For example: the ankle ligaments are responsible for ensuring that the joints in the ankle primarily move forwards and backwards and holds in place the ankle in place when moving sideways.

Ligament injuries are classed into three grades:

  • Grade I: light/mild ligament tear
  • Grade II: moderate ligament tear
  • Grade III: severe ligament tear (ruptured)

Each type of tear is a result of the ligament being stretched or twisted past its normal range of motion. Remediating the tear also requires different supports and differs in healing time depending on your body and how the ligament is rested.

Symptoms of injured ankle ligaments

  • Pain felt in the ankles when weight or pressure is applied
  • Unstable ankle, movement becomes impaired
  • Inflammation or irritation in the affected area
  • Sudden pain or swelling (depending on the severity of the injury sustained)

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