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A portable and affordable self-treatment device for back pain

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How can Bakballs Help?

Back pain and stiffness can develop from bad postures and poor bending and lifting techniques. Bakballs aren't a cure for back pain but they are a very important adjunctive treatment that can relieve back pain, reduce back stiffness and assist you to achieve good postures.

Bakballs are an ideal way to reverse a typically forward-bent posture. Activities such as sitting, typing, talking on the phone, sleeping and driving place us in a forward-hunched positions. Bakballs stretch your spine and allow you to sit and stand up straight and reverse inherently bad postures.

Due to potentially permanent stiffness in our spine and muscles it can be impossible to get into an ideal posture without actual intervention from Bakballs or hands-on treatment from a health professional. Bakballs provide a localized stretch at each vertebral level that maintains good flexibility in your spine and can prevent you from developing a stooped hunched stiff spine which can lead to long-term problems and chronic back pain.

The use of Bakballs is one technique that can prevent and treat your back pain which may assist in improving your posture, reducing your pain levels and back stiffness and improving your quality of life.

Available in 2 densities - Firm (Black) and Soft (Red)

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    Great device for lower and upper backpain

    Reviewed by:
    A lot of my back pain stems from my posture at work. Being a desk jockey I get quite sore along my mid to upper spine. So I use these bakballs whilst in my chair. The gap between the two 'ball-ends' fits perfectly for your spine. Then the balls do the rest. Find them ouchie spots and press down. I like to punish my muscles so I prefer th firm option. Its about the density of a baseball, whilst the soft version (red colored) at like a tennis ball. So if you want no mercy go black and firm, if you want some give get the soft red.

    Its also great for shoulder muscles. Just find a good doorway and put your shoulder into it with the ball in between. Move around till you find a sore spot and hold.
    Posted on 13 August 2015

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